Steven Gaffney


Motivational Speaker in WASHINGTON, DC, VIRGINIA, USA

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When you hear Steven speak, you might immediately think that he is a natural and gifted orator. This was not always the case.

At the age of three, Steven mumbled only a few words and a doctor advised his mother that he should be put in special classes for slow children. Steven's mother did not accept this and doctors eventually discovered that Steven's inability to speak was caused by multiple ear infections. After several operations, those problems were corrected, but Steven now was delayed in learning to communicate. His mother then took him to Easter Seals for speech therapy where they successfully taught young Steven to speak. No one has been able to silence him since.

One of the foremost authorities on communication in the workplace, Steven Gaffney has become the go-to guy for organizations across America. Through his celebrated keynote speeches, breakout sessions, seminars, media appearances, and books, Steven Gaffney offers organizations a competitive advantage, what he calls the "Honesty Edge," by resolving the most common communication-oriented problems and distractions. This allows businesses to get back to work. The Steven Gaffney Company's clients include Marriott, BP, Department of Commerce, SAIC, American Express, Allstate, NASA, Texas Instruments, EPA, American Cancer Society, NAVY and Raytheon.

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